On P.F.'s Tape Recorder Podcast!

Cincinnati comedian P.F. Wilson has a podcast called “P.F.’s Tape Recorder” and I was a guest on it.  I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma when we recorded this via Skype.  My throat was in a sort of funk, so if my audio quality is not all that great, I apologize.  I think it turned out okay, but maybe I am judging myself a bit when I listen to these things.
I enjoyed talking with P.F. and have in the past.  Just a reminder that this weekend (Thursday – Saturday) I am going to be recording a new album at Go Bananas Comedy Club.  It should be fun.  I’ve been away from home for a couple weeks and seem to be holding together fine so far.  Maybe we can reach just the right amount of crazy and “road” to get an electric recording and an album that I am proud of having made.
My goal has always been to make a better record than the first one.  I get nervous thinking about whether or not this one is better.  I like the first one, but feel like this album might be a bit more like me.  I just don’t know.  I probably won’t know until later and I have a little perspective on it.  I do know that it is fun as hell performing the material and I hope that translates to the audience.  It really is quite a luxury to be in a spot to record a new one with all the great people involved and those others that have helped along the way.
I’m a lucky bastard and for the record, I have NOT forgotten that.]]>

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