Me on Today's Riff w/Matt Arden


That is just a photo, not a video – sorry about the confusion if you clicked above here.  I was a guest on the super sweet and radical internet television show, “Today’s Riff” with Matt Arden. There is a lot of footage that you will not see in this video, you will catch only a glimpse of our hate date on Jared Leto.  In all honesty, I had an absolute blast shooting this thing even though I genuinely had to shit my pants almost the whole time I was there.  That was no joke.
Maybe someday Matt and I will reunite and we continue hating on Joey Chestnut and Jared Leto and maybe on that fateful day, we will have a camera recording our intense hatred.

If you have a job that you are not a big fan of and like watching things on the internet, you should check out this site everyday as Matt and the awesome crew are putting up a new video with a comedian everyday.
I’m in Wichita, Kansas, as I write this and am having a blast working with some funny dudes.  Check out Gabriel Rutledge when you get a chance.  Also, working with Dan Skaggs.  He is NOT related to Boz, so settle down.  We are playing a fun game in the condo this weekend that is in such poor taste it is even too extreme for me to post on this website.  I will let you use your imagination, it starts something like this:
“Take off your _____ and stay awhile.”
The fill in the blank line is a word that you would never call a woman.  From there it turns into a game where that word is used in place of everything.  Grown men, doing grown men things.  Life on the road.  I will be in Indianapolis next weekend, yo!  At Crackers Comedy Club in Broad Ripple with Ryan Stout.  Talk about good times coming.]]>

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