Tight 5 and Tight Fro's

While I was in Aspen at the Rooftop Comedy Festival this past year, Dylan Gadino from PunchlineMagazine.com sat down and interviewed me about my cd and some other stuff.  I am pretty sure if you watch closely enough you can see cameos on my interview by Moshe Kasher and Chris Fairbanks in the background.  Thanks, guys for doing that for me.
I am trying to remember if I was delusional or not during this interview.  I am pretty sure I had not quite reached the level of delusion that I was experiencing during the live WTF podcast taping.  But, if anything, I really appreciate Dylan giving me some extra press and getting my name and cd out there to his readers.
It is a thrill for me to be a part of the Tight5 series as some really great comics have done it and now even if they take it down at some point, I will forever be able to say that I, too was a part of stand up comedy history.  We shall keep plugging away at it until someday you will say to yourself, “this god damned Singer guy won’t go away!”
Cincinnati Brew Ha Ha Comedy Festival is coming up (8/27 – 8/28) and I am doing a few sets, check the schedule to see what stage, what time and what other debauchery may take place.  There are going to be a lot of great comics and there is sure to be some major law breaking happening at various junctures.  I have not dipped my toes into the absurd and stupid for awhile, so maybe this is the weekend to do it?
After that, I will be headed back to Bloomington, Indiana, to do Bear’s Place for a 1030 Monday night (8/30) show and then I’m off to Atlanta, Georgia, (9/11 – 9/14) to do the “Consipracy Comedy Show.”  This show is at the Laughing Skull Comedy Club and it will be with myself, Tom Simmons and Billy Wayne Davis.  This show is not only about conspiracies, but it is a total experiment.  Can this shit be funny?  We shall certainly find out by the end of the weekend.  If you’re in Atlanta or close by, come out and see shit get really weird when we do nothing but really weird shit.]]>

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