WTF Live in Apsen!

I cannot believe I forgot to post this as soon as it became available, but when I was out for a couple weeks in the Kansas/Oklahoma area, my mind got a bit bent and melted.  So, please forgive me.  While I was out there, this live episode of WTF became available.  I have been lucky enough in my career to do a lot of cool stuff and this is tops on the list.  WTF is a must listen podcast hosted by Marc Maron for anyone who claims to love stand up comedy or comedy in general.
You should definitely check it out, as it has some of the best interviews with anyone from the world of comedy who has helped shaped the landscape in the past 25 years.  The list just keeps growing and becoming more impressive and the fact that I can add my name to the list of guests is a bit mind blowing.  But, I will definitely take it.  I hope you enjoy it.
This episode is considered to be a “premium” episode, which means you have to pay for it.  Why?  Because it is just that damned good.  That is why.  It costs less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks and this will last you an hour.  That caffeine rush is gone after 30 minutes.
Don’t forget to check my schedule to see if I’m coming to drop Boz Scaggs on people in your area anytime soon.]]>

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