Phillip Dan & Dewey – "They Are Alive!"

<![CDATA[Phillip Dan & Dewey come alive like never before in this new video!  I should warn you not to watch this at work as it is NSFW, Not Safe For Work…for reals.  But, if you have a really cool boss who needs to be educated on taking a chill pill and possibly even becoming a fan of stand up comedy (read: fan of my stand up comedy) than you should tell him/her that if you can watch this video at work I will get you all free tickets to my next comedy show in your area.  That is no joke, I am all about giving people and their bosses free tickets to bring them closer together.
If you think you have seen this bit and nothing new can be gleemed from watching this clip, I assure you that you could not further from the truth.  Trust me when I write that the payoff should be well worth your invested time.  I value the time you spend watching videos and/or reading blogs and things on my website very much (I am hoping that there actually is someone who does that as I write this).  I know that in today's technology age where EVERYONE thinks they have ADD or ADHD that your time is precious, I promise this video will not be wasting it.
Enjoy the newest installment of "Phillip Dan & Dewey Director's Cut – "They Are Alive!"

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