Take a Piece of Me

Send me $$ and get random things (surprises)!
This may or may not be a great idea.  A great idea I have stolen secondhand from a Los Angeles based painter who people could not remember the name of when they were showing me his work.  He accepts $50 via paypal or the internet and then will send you whatever he thinks is $50 of his art.  You could keep getting pieces sent to you sporadically over the course of a year or longer.
I love this idea.  I have a paypal account and if you want me to send you what I believe to be the equivalent of whatever amount of money you send me, I will do it.  Here’s the deal:
1.  Send whatever amount of $$ to ryanjsinger@hotmail.com via paypal
2.  Contact me through this website’s contact page to let me know you have done so
3.  In your email, include your name (optional), address or P.O. Box for me to send a one time or over the course of time items, personal affects, bootleg comedy albums, tshirts, posters, my favorite recipes, or frankly just about anything in the world that I a moved to send you to make sure I feel like you were compensated properly.  I do have some things that were limited time only and other super-secret video links and dvds that most people have never heard or seen – these are the kinds of things I will give you.
4.  Wait for them.  They won’t be too long after you send money.
I am excited about this idea and think that it might be really fun for both of us.  Probably more fun for me.  I have all kinds of ideas and you may be surprised by some of the things you will get.  I promise no weird things like nude pictures or perishable items (unless specified).  I’m sure a tip of the awesome idea hat has to go to Doug Stanhope here, too, because he has probably done things like this up to 15 years ago.  That son of a bitch is ahead of the rest of us in everything.
Again, go to paypal and send whatever amount you want to:  ryanjsinger@hotmail.com
Let’s have some fun and take some chances.  My stand up schedule is constantly being updated and I’m recording a dvd on July 16th (Monday night) at Go Bananas Comedy Club.  If you are one of 2 people who won the RSVP cards, you will get them there or soon after as I’m picking them up finally as they were shipped to Dayton and not Los Angeles.

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