DVD Taping – July 16th!!!

I guess since it is less than a month away, I should get out in front of being behind the promotion of it.  On Monday night, July 16th, I will be recording a stand up comedy DVD at Go Bananas.  It should be awesome.  Here is the obligatory facebook event page ===>  http://www.facebook.com/events/252784614821506/
I am really bad at letting people know about certain great things that happen because I have a crippling fear of coming off as thinking I am special or bragging.  So, begrudgingly, I tell you this awesome news weeks too late:  I was mentioned in Rolling Stone Magazine.  A photo of the mention is below and you can click on it to enlarge.  Of course, my eternal thanks to my buddy Marc for looking out for me and including me on this list.  It is really no big surprise that he’s helped me out in a way that I cannot ever really pay him back.  Let’s hope he’s right so I can approach the ability to pay him back for all the food he’s given me and the other irreplaceable help along the way.

Back to promotion, here’s the rub.  I just recorded an audio album at Go Bananas a few months ago and now I am recording a DVD.  Why?  Because this DVD will have material from my 1st album and the forthcoming album, plus some material not on either – most likely.  My buddy Greg Nichols is going to be filming it with a crew of generous souls who are going to make this thing look ridiculously good.
Here’s the plan:  I am going to have this DVD be different.  Everyone thinks theirs will be different.  This is going to have animation melting in and out of the live performance with no change in the audio.  I want people to feel like they have taken some of the best drugs in the world when they watch this even when they have not.  And if they have taken some great drugs, hopefully this will be something that increases the enjoyment of those drugs.  Drugs could be anti-depressants or things that are illegal and mostly likely not too bad for you.
I will be recording this on a Monday night because that is the night we could do it.  I will be in between gigs in the midwest and we figured that I need to have some kind of high-quality video performance out there.  Will this be on Comedy Central?  At least right now as I type this it will not be.  I am trying to be underground or even think that I am underground, but I have always loved the idea of it.  It seems more special to me.  That has no real basis in reality, especially not that reality that I am living alongside all of you.
I have some great shows coming up before the taping and some great shows after.  I am so excited to get back to The Comedy Attic in Bloomington, Indiana, July 5 – 7.  Then I am off to my buddy Dylan Shelton’s show in Columbus, at the Woodlands Tavern the following Monday, July 9th.  That is also the day that I tip over the halfway done living mark and turn 36 years old.
Did I expect more for myself by this age?  Did I think I’d be writing this update at my age with not enough money to leave my apartment for the next 15 days?  Did I think that I would be single, poor, without television credits, and still somewhat confused on how the world works at this age?  No.  No.  No.  And hell no.  But, I would not have it any other way.  I’m watching Bill Burr‘s special “Let It Go” right now on a Saturday night, by myself, because I’m diving back into the world where nothing matters but stand up comedy.  Life was simpler then and I want it that way again.
I do not know when or why it happened, but at some point in my life I decided that being by myself was something I liked.  I am not sure if you like being alone or spending a lot of time by yourself, but for me it is comfortable.  It is not so much that I do not like other people, I just find it hard to be social sometimes.  We all know this feeling, it is not special or unique to comedians.  We all need to have time in our own space.  Some of us can spend too much time there, but we get out because we need to, when we need to.  I have never spent too much time there because I have always gotten out.
So, I hope you get out of your space and come join mine on July 16th.  Maybe we’ll come up with the name of the DVD together that night.  I have a tentative date for the release of my upcoming album “Comedy Wonder Town,” but I am not at liberty to give it out right now because it could get delayed and I do not want to look like an asshole. I try to limit those moments to the best of my ability.  It is 11:35 pm and I might go for a walk.  Old man alert.  Check.

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  1. I’m trying to get 2 or 3 of my Beta Sigma pledge brothers to come down with me. I only talk to 2 of them anymore, but they’re both still in the area so we will see.

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