Taze Me Two Times

<![CDATA[I was recently in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, working at the Comedy Cabana with my good buddy Josh Sneed.  We were hanging with Mad Max and Shawn Small at the local rock station in town on Thursday and Friday morning and some unexpected things happened.
I got to meet this girl, Kaleigh Brooke, who is on some reality show on TLC about pageant queens and the like.  She was cool and as you can tell by her photos, not so hard on the eyes.  Have fun wasting hours photo stalking her, dudes.  Good luck to her and her batshit crazy mom on getting along in the future.  “$50,000 invested in her career…” was the thing I heard most out of the mom’s mouth.  Must not be cheap titties!  Best of luck, girl.
Secondly, I got tazed…twice.  For the record, I would like to say that I have always been sickly curious as to what it felt like to be tazed, but not curious enough to actively pursue it.  Sometimes you are just handed opportunities.  The universe has a special way of knowing when and where to give you these gifts.  I honestly thought that it was a gag tazer gun up until the moment of contact.  Who would really taze someone live on air?  No one is that stupid or foolish, right?  Wrong.  Roll the footage:

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