Under the Rock – #7

<![CDATA[All of the artists in this series do not do what they do because they want a paycheck, the paycheck would be welcomed, but it is not the motivation.  That is what makes them all so great and brilliant.  To be quite frank, it is more than a privilege to be living in the same world as them, it is what 7 year old Ryan dreamed of doing.
Admittedly, I have been somewhat slacking on the updating of this series that I have started.  My apologies to the 4 people, that includes Farley, that read this.  Or maybe I am grossly underestimating the amount of traffic this particular series generates even though it has a very special place in my cold, dark, dead heart.
Here is something I have noticed about myself recently:  I am digging A LOT of San Francisco based comedians and comedy.  I don’t care if its cliche or what not to say, but they are doing some inventive, crazy and hilarious shit out there.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the Cincinnati scene that I suppose I am a part of is pretty rad, too.  But, its a numbers game.  San Fran is bigger and seemingly more alive creatively due to opportunity.  The citizens of that city are more likely to support live art or maybe there is just so many more of them that you can do more?  Either way, I’m really digging what is getting dropped out there on the comedy scene.  Don’t worry, I am still in love with where I am now and all the cool shows, etc we do around here.
Here are a couple more San Fran based freaks that are doing things in super awesome way and it is only a matter of time before I drag my stupid ass out there to force them to collaborate with me in some unholy and fun-filled project.
Mary Van Note –  If you live in San Francisco you know her.  If you live in San Francisco and don’t know her, what the fuck is your problem?  She is currently on the “pumpkin penis tour” and if that doesn’t pique your interest, I am not sure what will?  But, enough of that, let me explain what is unexplainable – her comedy.  You have to be exposed to it to know what I am talking about. Unfortunately, theres is not a ton of her stand up online, but that is not to say you cannot get an awesome amount of her stuff online.  As we all know seeing something live is so much better than not, but until you can get out to see her, here’s her Andy Kaufman Award submission video:
She also has a really kick ass web series The Mary Van Note Show and if you know me, you know I love web series more than anything.  I guarantee you have not seen a show like this and if you have, I will come over and suck on your toes or do some other kind of thing that you think would not be enjoyable for me.  That is how confident I am.  If you want to lose many hours of your life watching online videos of great variety and hilarity, check out here youtube channel, too.  You may not know who she is now, but you will soon enough.
Chris Garcia – This guy, kid, whack job, maniac, future superstar, champion of killer outfits will mystify you with his ability to make you laugh with stuff you cannot wrap your brain around even after the fact.  He is part of the awesome web series, “Elevator to Space” with Under the Rock alum Alex Koll.  One of my favorite Garcia pieces is this absurd video that is one of those things that would draw a line in the sand of our friendship.  If you do not like it, maybe we should just part ways:  Billy’s House of Shawarma Presents: Hamburger Harry Time:

Billy’s Haus of Shawarma Presents: Hamburger Harry Time! from Chris Garcia on Vimeo.

Chris unfortunately does not have much to grasp onto, at least not that I could find of his stand up comedy online.  But, you can get lost down the rabbit hole of comedy and good times by going to his Vimeo Channel.  There are certain artists in the world that you just know you can count on making funny and well done comedy art for the rest of their lives and Garcia is one of the many that fall into that category.  His website is a great place to go and get turned on to what he is doing and what he is in to at the moment.  I was lucky enough to be able to use one of his kickass videos for the Flick My Clip Film Festival we put on at Go Bananas earlier this year and I want to put that video here as well.  The very funny Ali Wong who comprises the other half of the sketch group “Rice & Beans” is also in this video:

American Apparel from Chris Garcia on Vimeo.


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